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Matviy Vaisberg (b. 1958) Ukrainian painters, graphic artist and book illustrator. Born in Kyiv. Member of the All-Ukrainian Creative Union of Artists BJ-ART. He has participated in over 50 solo and group exhibitions. The dramatic events of 2014 for Ukraine were embodied in a project called “The Wall. 28.01 – 08.03.2014”, it was immediately presented in Kyiv, followed by a large-scale project “Maidan. Road to Freedom”, presented around the world. A retrospective exhibition by Matviy Vaisberg entitled “The Human Factor” was held at the National Art Museum of Ukraine in 2019. During the exhibition, the artbook “Painting” was presented. The album included more than 500 works, covering 44 years of the artist’s creative life. In 2020, a personal exhibition was held at The Khanenko Museum in Kyiv, to which a catalogue was published.

Works of THE ARTIST​