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Alexander Zhyvotkov. Altar

March 17, 2023 23:00-April 9, 2023 19:00
The Altar Exhibition project features artwork which was created by the artist at the moment of greatest emotional tension. Zhyvotkov’s multifaceted and deeply philosophical works focus on the transcendental and completely remove the line between the sacred and profane. His artwork could be compared to an ancient altar which marks a symbolic entrance into the other world, and a portal into the history of humankind.

Alexander Zhyvotkov. Tocsin

February 13, 2023-April 10, 2023
We invite you to the opening of the exhibition TOCSIN by Alexander Zhyvotkov at the Galerie Saint-Séverin in Paris. The works of the Ukrainian artist made in Kyiv in 2022 under the sounds of air raid alerts and explosions will sound like an alarm next to the oldest Paris bell tower. It is another wake-up call for all spectators about what is happening in Ukraine now.