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Zoia Lerman

Zoia Lerman (1934-2014) – Ukrainian artist. Studies at the Shevchenko Kyiv Art School. Studies at the Kyiv State Art Institute. Even at the entrance exam, the gifted entrant drew the attention of Serhii Hryhoriev, professor and then rector of the institute, whose support Lerman would feel throughout the time of her studies.After graduation, she began teaching at the Taras Shevchenko Kyiv Art School, where she would work until 1989. Work defines the external, social side of the Lerman’s largely uneventful life, while its inner, essential basis would be creativity. Becomes a member of the Artists’ Union of the Ukrainian SSR. Together with her husband Yurii Lutskevych and artists Mykhailo Vainshtein, Yakym Levych, Oleh Zhyvotkov, Anatolii Lymariev, Ihor Hryhoriev, Oleksandr Ahafonov, Halyna Hryhorieva, Valentyn Reunov, and others, she creates an informal group of like-minded people which would oppose the socialistic realism approach that dominated in the Ukrainian art of the time. The main thematic lines and the bright individual style of Zoia Lerman’s works are formed, in which “lyricism, poetic imagery and musical plasticity of the lines” are combined with inner tension and expressiveness. 

Works of THE ARTIST​