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APL 315

APL 315 (b.1986), a Ukrainian artist working with the mediums of painting and graffiti. APL315 is the pseudonym of one of the most distinctive personalities representing the young generation of artists in the sphere of contemporary Ukrainian art. He spent his young years in Ukraine, these days he travels and makes art all around the world. He has been active in the field of graffiti since 2000. His work can be found not only in Ukraine, but also more or less right across Europe and even in the Far East, in South Korea.

The techniques he employs are always drawn from graffiti. He mixes various types of paints, such as oil and acrylic or aerosol and marker pen. The biomorphic forms of his predominantly abstract compositions are often inspired by his observations of the shapes and colours of that world, but what also interests him is the collective behaviour of insect communities, which he compares directly with human behaviour.

Works of THE ARTIST​