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Alla Horska

Alla Horska (1929–1970) was a Ukrainian artist of the 1960s, monumentalist painter, one of the first representatives of the underground art movement, dissident, and human rights activist of the Sixtiers movement in Ukraine.

She co-founded the Kyiv Club of Creative Youth “Suchasnyk”. She actively promoted national and patriotic views: she created sketches of costumes and decorations for banned Ukrainian performances, portraits of national artists, etc. In co-authorship with O. Zalyvakha, L. Semykina, H. Sevruk and H. Zubchenko, she performed for the Kyiv State University stained glass “Shevchenko. Mother” (1964), which the administration destroyed as ideologically hostile. In the 1960s, the artist was twice expelled from the membership of the Soviet Union of Artists. Tragically died under mysterious circumstances.

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