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New Exhibition: “Alla Horska. Boryviter” opened in the Ukrainian House

“Alla Horska. Boryviter” is the first retrospective exhibition of the artist, featuring over 100 works of painting, graphics, sketches of monumental works from museum and private collections, as well as archival materials that highlight the creative and public activities of the sixties artist and her closest circle.

The exhibition introduces visitors to sketches of the most famous mosaic panels created by the Horska group in Kyiv and in Eastern Ukraine, scenographic solutions for Lesya Tanyuk’s exhibitions, portraits of prominent Ukrainian figures such as Vasyl Stus, Ivan Svitlychny, Vasyl Symonenko, Ivan Drach, Lina Kostenko, and others. Specifically for the exhibition, contemporary Ukrainian artists Oleksiy Sai and Mykola Marusyk created a video-light installation based on the destroyed stained glass “Shevchenko. Mother,” which was destroyed 60 years ago.

Alla Horska is a Ukrainian artist of the sixties, dissident, public figure, and human rights activist. The dramatic history of Alla Horska painfully resonates with the present: throughout her life – bans and dismantling of works, exclusion from the Artists’ Union, persecution by the KGB, and later brutal murder; now – the destruction of the artist’s mosaic panels in Mariupol by russian occupiers. In particular, the composition “Boryviter,” whose name is mentioned in the title of the exhibition, suffered terrible damage due to the shelling of the city by russian forces.

The exhibition presents six works of Alla Horska from the Stedley Art Foundation collection

Work schedule: Tuesday to Sunday, 11:00 AM to 7:00 PM, Monday – closed.