The Eight 20.02.2017 05.09.2017
Before Christ By Alexander Zhyvotkov 17.11.2016 05.09.2017
Trip to Egypt by Alexander Sukholit 26.09.2016 05.09.2017

About us

Stedley Art Foundation was founded in 2011 as a private initiative.

The Foundation’s mission is fostering Ukraine’s cultural process development, promoting Ukrainian artists and their projects, and enlivening transnational cultural exchanges, and setting up a positive image of the country’s art on the international art scene. 

The Foundation’s philosophy is the statement that culture should not be luxury, but rather a right, necessity, an essential esthetic and ethical need of man.

Activities: formation of a new cultural environment; development and implementation of educational programs and projects; facilitating the development of new forms in the realm of visual art (multimedia, public art, street art).

Stedley Art Foundation is doing active work opening the doors of the exhibitive 'White Space' both for renowned experts and daring experiments and discussions, facilitates the integration of Ukrainian culture into the global context, keeps up one’s interest for collections, patronage of art and sponsorship in the country.

The Foundation’s founder is Stella Beniaminova.