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Vladimir Bekhteev

Vladimir Bekhteev (1878-1971) Born on April 15, 1878 in Moscow. In 1898 he graduated from the Nikolaev Cavalry School.
In 1901, he retired with the rank of lieutenant and went to Munich, where he studied drawing and painting with Knirr, then in Paris with Cormon. He was a co-founder in 1909 of the “New Munich Art Association” together with Wassily Kandinsky, Alexei Jawlensky, Marianna Veryovkina. He was close to the circle of the Blue Horseman magazine, participated in the first exhibition of the Jack of Diamonds association, and in the exhibition of the New Society of Artists. In 1920-1921 was an artist at the First State Circus in Moscow. He was engaged in book illustration, in 1936 – 1945 he created a series of illustrations for the works of Lermontov, and designed a number of books of foreign classics of the 19th century for the Academia publishing house.

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