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The first book published in new 2022 year was a poetry collection by a Kyiv artist and poetess Taia Halahan.

In 1995 she finished the course of art theory and history at Kyiv Art Institute (currently the National Academy of Fine Arts and Architecture). In 2000 she received a master’s degree in painting from the University of Saskatchewan, Canada. After graduation, she was teaching drawing, design basics, color theory at art institutions in Saskatchewan and British Columbia in Canada for several years. The artist’s early work was linked to the Paris Commune art squat. Halahan experimented with media, employed ultraviolet light in painting, photography and installation. In 2010-2011, she combined her artistic practice with the curatorial one. In collaboration with «Doroshenko/Hryshchenko Clinic» she developed two international projects «AUT» dedicated to issues of a current understanding of autism and awareness of unique creative potential within the autism spectrum. Her central subject-matter became topics of identity and childhood. Currently lives and works in Kyiv.