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The Stedley Art Foundation announce new exhibition in our White Space. It is the exhibition of the young Ukrainian artist Vitaliy Kokhan. His artistic practice includes various media – installation, sculpture, land art, artworks on canvas. His artistic method is similar to the work of an a new age archeologist, who digs for medium, texture, colour, and signs in the ancient ruins of the past generations. What exactly is meant, can be seen in the case of the sculpture series ‘Girlish’. This is a series of female portraits from bent sheet material fastened with brackets and tinted with various pigments. “The archaeologist method” is present in their features – elongated faces, thin noses, lengthened necks, miniature mouth, simplified shapes. These are references to the so-called “columns of tenderness” – stone sculptures of Amedeo Modigliani. Kokhan also enters into a creative dialogue with the visual language of some ancient cultures totem masks, this is especially felt in the texture of the material, which resembles an old hollowed-out skin.