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In 2021, Stedley Art Foundation continues to publish a series of albums by the artist, a representative of the art of the sixties – Alexander Dubovik. It is in this year that the artist turns 90 years old. Therefore, we can confidently assert that Dubovik is a man of the era, a man of encyclopedia, whose knowledge base is amazing. For most of his life, the artist, in addition to his easel works, creates albums. Each of them for a short time becomes a receptacle for Dubovik’s mental universe, his ideas, quotes from great philosophers, echoing his views, or simply captures the Brownian movement that continuously surrounds the artist. We have the honor to turn a new page of Dubovik’s big book and show the world the artist’s notebook that follows the 25th. The book with the number 26 on the cover will take us to 2012 – a carefree period of peace and joy. It probably was the calm before the storm – a period of dramatic changes in the world order, in our minds and, in our hearts. Dubovik, as a harbinger of these changes, gives us parting words: “Learn! Explore! Comprehend deeply! Analyze and memorize the great thoughts and teachings of philosophers! Then, with a light heart, send everyone to the devil! ”.

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