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Yakym Levych (1933-2019) – Ukrainian artist. Starts attending evening classes at the Taras Shevchenko Kyiv Art High School. Studies at the Kyiv State Art Institute in the studio of Sergii Hryhoriev. The exhibition of paintings by Transcarpathian artists held in Kyiv in 1956 made a great impression on Levych. However, two years later, he was expelled from the Institute for “distortion of people and nature in the bourgeois-formalistic spirit”. From the beginning of the 1960s began to illustrate books for “Veselka” Publishing House. Creates a series of thematic paintings on the events of the Revolution and the Second World War. The artist’s works are displayed at national exhibitions. Levych’s unique artistic style is most actively emerging during these years to remain unchanged for decades ahead. His creative approach is shown in paintings “Windows”, “Painters”, “Walk”, “Guest”, “Kyiv Funerals”, “Barrier”. Halyna Skliarenko, the researcher of artist’s work, concluded that the main element of these paintings is “a picturesque dream, it is a dense medium that flies and breathes, which embodies for the artist our inner world and the world around us. Yet, paintings also show the unique intonation of sadness about passing time, expectations, loss and wise acceptance of life in all its inexhaustible simplicity and complexity…”

Works of THE ARTIST​