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The City of Kyiv. November-December, 2013

TechniqueWood, artist's techniqueDimensions87,5 x 233,5 cmReferenceSAF-619-AZ-046ProvenanceAcquired by Stella Beniaminova in the artist's studio in 2013.PublicationsAlexander Zhyvotkov. Cardboard. Wood. Stone. Stedley Art Foundation. Kyiv: 2017, pp. 156-157, 158-159; 25 years of presence. Contemporary Ukrainian Artists: Catalog, Modern Art Research Institute of the National Academy of Arts of Ukraine, Kyiv 2016, p. 373; Olga Petrova. Third Eye: Art studios. Kyiv, Phoenix, 2015, p. 319; Canvas, wood, cardboard. Work with materials 1984 - 2014: Album. Stedley Art Foundation. Kyiv, 2014, pp. 82, 257.Exhibitions2023 Altar, National Center “Ukrainian House”; 2022 Revelation, Edem Foundation, Lviv; 2018 Cardboard. Wood. Stone, National Gallery of Georgia, Tbilisi, Georgia.On displayNational Center “Ukrainian House”Share

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