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No. 2, “City” Series, 2004

TechniqueOil on canvasDimensions100x100 cmReferenceSAF-827-AZ-099ProvenancePurchased at Golden Section Classic Underground Contemporary, № 29 08/04/2016, (Lot № 72).PublicationsAlexander Zhyvotkov "Paintings’’, Kiyv: Bottega, 2008, p. 30; 25 Years of Presence. Contemporary Ukrainian Artists. I Tome, catalogue, Kiyv: Huss, 2016, p. 96 Classic Underground Contemporary аукціон № 29, auction’s catalogue, Kiyv: Golden Section, 2016.Exhibitions2005 Lybid River, Karas Gallery; 2016 Golden Section Classic Underground Contemporary аукціон № 29, pre-auction exhibition, Kyiv.On displayNot on displayShare

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