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№. 7, “Variations in Black” Series, 2002

TechniqueOil on canvasDimensions50х199 cmReferenceSAF-428-AZ-031ProvenanceThe artwork was bought from the auction house "Golden Section" Gallery in 2013. Previously was kept in the Karas Gallery.PublicationsAlexander Zyvotkov. Catalog of works, the "Bottega" Gallery, 2008, p. 21; Canvas, wood, cardboard. Work with materials 1984 - 2014: Album. Stedley Art Foundation. Kyiv, 2014, pp. 37, 264.Exhibitions2002 “Variations in black”, the "Karas" Gallery, Kyiv; 2008 Exhibition, the "Bottega" Gallery, Kyiv; 2013 Auction 9 Ukrainian contemporary art 24/10/2009, pre-auction exhibition, Auction House Golden Section, Kyiv.On displayVilla EmmaShare

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