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Expulsion from Paradise, 1916

TechniquePencil, watercolor, gouache on paperDimensions35.1х22.3 cmSignatureSignature "М. Синякова" on the front side of the work in the head.ReferenceSAF-1510-G-832ProvenanceThe artwork was bought from Viktor Golovlev. Artwork earlier used to be part of Igor Dychenko's collection.PublicationsKaleidoscope of (Hi)stories: Art from Ukraine. Catalog of the exhibition. Museum de Fundatie, 2023. P.66, 91. Fragment is represented on the cover; Intervals. Cosmismin 20th century Ukrainian art. Catalogue. Kyiv: NCA Fund. 2000, P. 92; Ukrainian avant-garde of 1910-1930 years. Album. Editor Dmytro Gorbachev. - Mystetsvo. Kyiv 1996; Malewicz plus. Kolekcja Igora Dyczenki. Catalog. - Gornoslaska Macierz Kultury w Katowicach, 1994.Exhibitions2023 Kaleidoscope of (Hi)stories: Art from Ukraine. Museum de Fundatie. Zwolle, Netherlands; 2023 Kaleidoscope of (Hi)stories. Ukrainian Art 1912, Albertinium, Dresden, Germany; 2000 Intervals. National Art Museum of Ukraine, Kyiv; Heine Onstad Kunstsenter, Oslo, Norway.On displayNot on displayShare

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