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Catastrophe, 1978

TechniqueOil on canvasDimensions100x100ReferenceADC-145 P-020PublicationsAlexander Dubovik. The Signs. Osnovy Publishing. Kyiv, 2021; Alexander Dubovik. Exhibition catalogue. Paintings, graphics, monumental art / comp. F. Chobre. Kyiv: National Union of Artists of Ukraine, 1988. p. 11; Alexander Dubovik. Monograph. Sophia-А, Kyiv 2005. p. 29; Labyrinth of meanings. Alexander Dubovik. Stedley Art Foundation. Kyiv: 2016.Exhibitions2021 Alexander Dubovik. Bouquet. Stedley Dental Clinic. Kyiv, Ukraine; 2021 Alexander Dubovik. The Signs. ErmilovCenter. Kharkiv, Ukraine.On displayNot on displayShare