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№. 3, Black and White Series, 1996

TechniqueOil on canvasDimensions100х100 cmSignatureSignature «А. Животков» on the front side of the work in the lower right corner.ReferenceSAF-430-AZ-033ProvenanceThe artwork was bought from "Karas" Gallery in 2013.PublicationsPainting. Oleh Zhyvotkov. Sergiy Zhyvotkov. Alexander Zhyvotkov, Catalogue: Kyiv, 1997, p. 39; Canvas, wood, cardboard. Work with materials 1984 - 2014: Album. Stedley Art Foundation. Kyiv, 2014, pp. 83, 257; Picturesque Sanctuary. The Golden Period: Catalogue, Auction House "Golden Section", 2018, p. 59.Exhibitions2021 Painting in Excess: Kyiv's Art Revival, 1985-1993. Zimmerli Art Museum at Rutgers University, New Brunswick; 2018 Picturesque Sanctuary. Golden Period, Auction House "Golden Section", Kyiv; 2011 20th artists of the 20th century, National Art Museum of Ukraine, Kyiv.On displaynot on displayShare

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