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Alexander Dubovik. The Signs


Author: Katheryna Tsyhykalo, Jean-Claude Marcade
ISBN: 978-966-500-675-6
Language: English
Year of publication: 2021
Number of pages: 166
Size: 230 x 230 mm
Cover: hard

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Alexander Dubovik. The Signs presents the results of the five-year-long research of Alexander Dubovik’s work conducted by Stedley Art Foundation curators. The book contains more than four decades of Dubovik’s work, presenting how his art changed during the difficult period of the 1960s.

This publication is made possible with the support of the Stedley Art Foundation. Alexander Dubovik’s works combine centuries-old philosophical ideas, as well as the entire experience of twentieth-century artists. Each of his works consists of complex bundles of visual and semantic symbols that allow us to comprehend new truths and acquire new knowledge about the world, philosophy and humanity.

Dubovik’s early works were executed in the traditional academic style of the time, and tended toward the “austere” style in which most Soviet painters of the second half of the twentieth century worked.

Dubovik gradually began to move away from depicting the world in realistic images and developed an individual figurative-plastic language, which combines his artistic search, views of cubism, abstraction, iconography, and the avant-garde. His paintings are abstract only at first glance, because they always have a memory of the real form, event, emotion, these are reduced impressions of the real world.