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Alexander Zhyvotkov. Cardboard. Wood. Stone


Author: Olga Balashova, Kostiantyn Donin
ISBN: 978-966-500-820-0
Language: English
Year of publication: 2018
Number of pages: 174
Size: 267 x 216 mm
Cover: hard

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The album Alexander Zhyvotkov. Cardboard. Wood. Stone features the artistic series: Roads, Kyiv. 2014, Motherboard, Variations in Stone, Vengeance Is Mine and others include over fifty artworks created over the past five years.
Zhyvotkov’s art combines eons of European and Eastern culture separated in time and space. He produces stern, monochrome images. His art is multilayered and sensuous, displaying the artist’s love of and familiarity with the Fayum portrait, early Christian catacomb art, Scythian idols, Ukrainian folk icons, Georgian metal chasing, and Tibetan manuscripts.
Zhyvotkov’s art is methodic, involving a process that requires maximum effort from both artist and spectator. The human spirit reaches its height only to sink into catharsis and become one with nature. The artist employs only natural, living media. He paints with earth, soot, and wood charred in open fires. His experience is real, corporeal, and specific concerning all but time because its subject is eternal.