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Alexander Dubovik. Album №27


Author: Alexander Dubovik
Language: Ukrainian/Russian
Year of publication: 2023
Number of pages: 112
Size: 230 x 230 mm
Cover: hard

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With this edition, the Stedley Art Foundation continues publishing a series of albums by Alexander Dubovik. The reader could already dive into the philosophical dimensions of the artist in the facsimile editions of albums numbered 25 and 26. Now you are holding Album #27 in your hands. Created ten years ago (in 2012), it preserves the searches, anxieties and thoughts that the artist was experiencing at that moment, like a time capsule.
Artists’ diaries are valuable documentary evidence from the bohemian avant-garde, in which their freedom-loving thoughts, anarchy, philosophy and comedy emerge in the most vivid and vivid images. A quick diary thought sweeps the array of everyday life on its way and writes pearls on the blank pages with an artist’s hand.