Gates by Alexander Zhyvotkov

Stedley Art Foundation presents the new Alexander Zhyvotkov’s project. The artist opens the gates to the viewer's eyes – a three-part wooden portal made in the artist's specific relief technique. Zhyvotkov masterfully creates a space of intermingling symbols and allusions, which reveal slightly open doors to infinity. Into the infinity of history, the infinity of human experience, the infinity of thousands generations that have left us in the darkness of centuries. It seems that the inexorable power of time left its traces on the wood. These are the scars and marks that hold the memory of a Holy Gates of ancient cathedrals, survived in the flames of the fires, of a figurine of an archaic deity lost for millennia under the threshold of a primitive hut, of a figured doors-amulets of pagan temples smeared with tar and blood of sacrificial animals. The gates, which at the symbolic level mean a transition to other worlds, Zhyvotkov presents as a portal into the depths of human history. Like the previous projects of Alexander Zhyvotkov, Gates refers to our common cultural heritage – dark, terrible and painful, but undoubtedly beautiful, full of spiritual power. According to Pope Benedict XVI, art is “an open door to infinity, to beauty and truth”. Alexander Zhyvotkov materializes the veil between the world of the living and the world of history, allowing us, contemporaries, to get in touch with its power, beauty and truthfulness.

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