On 16 April 2011 in the White Space a retrospective exhibition of Alexander Zhyvotkov SEVEN WORKS from Stedley Art Foundation collection opened.

One can remember I.Dychenkov’s eloquent words: “Alexander Zhyvotkov processes surface of the canvas with artisan passion but who knows all “picks” of the master. Eyes “hear” rustle, melody of his works. Artists “takes” painting surface with passion, enjoying the creation process itself and transfers this feeling of pleasure from torn, darken movement to calm surface of pudlled-whole coating – spot. He can be an intellectual like a Renaissance master, and a joker like one of Benvenuto Cellini pod. Realities of life go through solemn process of interpretation into the language of painting transformations. And this is how a bird, woman or rider on the canvas become femininity, avian, runmove or bronze static of a rider, called from Antique temple pediment or from a graffiti of a brat. Primary is reconsidered getting more and more complex. It seams the artist does not know impromptu. He works without rush if he would repeat a daily ritual of “world day” declaring his love to its majesty coloring, great liturgy of creation”.