Charter 1. GENERAL

1.1. The Ukrainian Collectors’ Club (hereinafter referred to as the 'Club') is a voluntary non-political fellowship of likeminded people that unites highly esteemed citizens of the country involved in collecting pieces of art and taking an active part in the country’s cultural life. 

1.2. The Club is a nonprofit organization not aiming to make profit as the result of its activities.  



2.1. The Club’s goal is communication and raising awareness; integration of national art into the world community; propaganda of national art collecting; forming interest in the traditions of art patronage and generosity; formation of civilized relationships on the Ukrainian art market, posing a precedent for raising national consciousness and active civilian position of the art process participants.

2.2 Rendering practical assistance to collectors:

2.2.1. Mitigation of pieces of art transboundary clearance;

2.2.2. Contacts with embassies and international cultural centers in Ukraine and abroad;

2.2.3. Exchange of collection works;

2.2.4. Consultations as to art investments, collections formation, storage of works, cataloguing collections, their capitalization.

2.2.5. Communication with renowned curators and art experts.

2.2.6. Live communication with artists in their studios.

2.3. The Club is using all-inclusive support by Stedley Art Foundation, and spreads information about its activities on:, social networks:    



3.1. The core principle underlying the attaining of the Club’s objectives is gentleman’s agreement between its members.

3.2. The Club may individually set and plan its activities not contravening this Charter that are agreed with the Club members.

3.4. A Club member may be any collector collecting pieces of art and striving to become united for the benefit of the interests of national art.   

3.5. Club membership is granted by the Club’s national assembly (with a recommendation of one member).

3.6. Club membership may be terminated voluntarily.

3.7. General Assembly is the Club’s supreme steering body.

3.8. Any sessions of the Club are held on occasions of pressing issues or as required by Club members.

3.9. A Club member has the right to:

3.9.1. obtain any information related to the Club’s activities;

3.9.2. participate in the Club’s interventions;

3.9.3. come forth with different propositions aiming to achieve the Charter objectives; initiate interventions and projects with the Club’s involvement overall and its separate members.

3.10. The Club’s President is chosen annually by a General Assembly session.

3.11. To achieve its Charter objectives, the Club may join international non-profitable organizations and alliances, maintain direct international contacts and ties.