Ukraine – Italy

Stedley Art Foundation and the Italian Embassy in Ukraine are displaying in the premises of The Italian Cultural Institute in Kiev over 50 works of Ukrainian artists from their own collection. These are canvases by A.Dubovik, S.Zhivotkov, P.Makov, F.Bludov, L.Dulfan and others, whose pieces are written in the history of Ukrainian art. The goal of the project is to integrate Ukrainian culture to the world. The grand opening ceremony involved Achille Bonito Oliva, an eminent Italian art expert and curator. “I will tell you only two very short aphorisms”, - said he, - “first – “art is a revival of life“, second – “beauty is a promise of happiness”. The presentation guests had an excuse to mingle together, and with a goblet of good Italian wine share their thoughts surrounded by the canvases in an affable atmosphere.


“All you can see today is only the beginning of the cooperation with Ukraine in this area. This exhibition will be enriched by other pieces, for example, works by Italian artists who also want to participate in this project”.

Fabrizio Romano, Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary Ambassador of Italy to Ukraine.


“The works to be displayed were picked up by Stedley Art Foundation and the Italian Embassy. It seems to me that since the very beginning, this collaboration between collector Stella Beniaminova and Italian Institute contributed to the interesting choice of masterpieces to develop a certain narrative of the history of interrelations between Ukraine and Italy, their joint ideas and spaces, the spirit of freedom which is very characteristic of both the Italian and the Ukrainian people. The Italian theme intertwines with the Ukrainian and reaches commonly human, commonly Christian and commonly European levels. And all of this is united by the common idea of the freedom of art. The exhibition also conveys a venerable attitude to cultural memory, which is typical of Italy and for all the artists displayed here. Here you may see the Ukrainian art of the second half of the ХХ through the early 2000-s. The Soviet period is represented by unofficial art, which both confirmed the artist’s independence and freedom. The pieces are presenting just Italian landscapes and themes, and the concomitant images – fragments of Italian mosaics, pictures and composition forms. For instance, Pavel Makov’s labyrinths are showing a throughout imagery of European culture. Also, the theme of Italy is shown on the plastic level. Expression, vitality, baroque, color and character intensity are a reflection of Italian culture“.

Oxana Barshinova, project consultant and exposition participant


“It’s a very good collection. It displays works equal in value accurately conveying the taste of the collector. I would call this collection a manifestation of love. When loved, every artist would blossom. The presence of such a collection is not just you passing by, but rather got caught in the right hand and got marked by love of the collector».

Tiberiy Silvashi, artist


“By organizing such events, the Italian Embassy creates a certain context and briefs the viewer on what is going on with the Ukrainian artists. We would like such events to evolve and our works to be exhibited on other sites. If such events happen in other countries’ embassies, we will really move towards European integration”.

Andriy Bludov, artist


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