The Art of Ukrainian Artists of the 1960s: the Work in Progress

The Stedley Art Foundation and Osnovy Publishing are preparing the publication of The Art of Ukrainian Artists of the 1960s. The unique edition is dedicated to an unofficial art-scene of 1960s Ukraine. It will combine many analytical texts as well as numerous illustrations. Such structure of the edition will enable a reader to independently assess the creative work of key artists and historical context of the 1960s.

This edition will be the first to introduce:

-       20 unofficial artists;

-       5 regions: Lviv, Kyiv, Odesa, Uzhgorod, Kharkiv;

-       25 articles of key experts on Ukrainian art of the 1960s;

-       authoritative art-critics and young rising stars;

-       interviews with those living and creating in the 1960s;

-       visual art (painting, drawing, sculpture, monumental art) and cultural panorama of the period (cinema, literature, music, architecture)


Compilers: Olga Balashova, Lizaveta German


Partners: National Art Museum of Ukraine, National Academy of Fine Arts and Architecture


For mass media: further information can be obtained from Anna Kopylova, art-director of Osnovy Publishing:, +380503345989.


* Photo:  Apartment exposition in a house of collector V. Asriiev, sitting: S. Sychev, L. Yastreb, standing: A. Anufriev, V. Tsiupko. From an archive of T. Basanets.

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