THE HILL by Kostiantyn Zorkin and Sandro Garibashvili

The theme of shamanism and the magical function of art unites everything that Konstantin Zorkin does: painting, graphics, wooden objects, and land art. This is especially true of his performances, reminiscent of archaic rituals with masks, fire, strange objects. He works in this field with Sandro Garibashvili, a graduate of the London School of Performance, who owns the idea and title of The Hill. This film-parable, film-ritual combines images, and themes, materials, and actions developed by artists over the past 6 years.

In the project, which is exhibited in the new space of the Stedley Art Foundation, the screening of the film is accompanied by works by Konstantin Zorkin created recently. According to him, this is a continuation of the "magic line" of art, which is manifested in the form of works and the names: wooden reliefs with shamanic toys from the "Spells" Series, mysterious "Skulls", a bird-headed doll-idol "Ancestor". And huge fabric tapestries, also called "The Hill", because they were created during the filming.

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