Tecum Veniam by Alexander Zhyvotkov

Contemporary artists in their artworks often ask questions that are consonant with the most pressing and resonant problems of our society. Unlike artists-"critics" who talk about modernity in an ironic or condemning tone, Alexander Zhyvotkov works with eternal dilemmas that humanity has been struggling to solve since ancient times. Can we expect that on the biblical "Whither goest thou?" and the subsequent modernist “Where Do We Come From? What Are We? Where Are We Going?" ever there is an answer?
The new project of Alexander Zhyvotkov “Tecum Veniam” has combined the three-part wooden portal “Gate” and the newly created monumental panel.
“Domine, tecum veniam” is the request of the Apostle Peter to follow Jesus along his path of martyrdom to Rome. The title of the project is an invitation to follow the artist through the symbolic gateway into the depths of human history. For the contemporary spectator, this is the way of realizing our past — dark, terrible and, painful, but undoubtedly beautiful, full of spiritual power.
At the exit from the portals, the viewer is greeted with a relief dotted with texts from the “Ecclesiastes”. According to the artist's idea, these ancient texts become the answer to eternal philosophical questions. "Generations come and generations go, but the earth remains forever". Ecclesiastes describes a picture of the eternal cycle of the universe and man, his advice to all subsequent generations — to enjoy the process of life while realizing its vanity.

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