On September 30 TAMAGOTCHI project was launched in Visual Culture Scientific and Research Center of NaUKMA, supported by STEDLEY ART FOUNDATION.

TAMAGOTCHI is a project, which involves different artists, jointly concerned about the possible future of nature in the world where media space becomes the only dimension of existence, replacing live natural environment.

Contemporary technical facilities allow people to choose information to consume, to filter unpleasant messages, and to avoid superfluous stress.

Finally, information about the world around easily becomes relaxing, and characters of hypnotic plots, who entertain people, are often animals with the most threatening appearance. On metro monitors we look at animals that are on the edge of extinction just to distract from everyday problems.

Digital space, -which is often the only source of knowledge about wild nature for a resident of metropolis, - does not have any relationship to the real time or space. Even if all living creatures disappear from our planet they will still stay on the Internet and on TV. Media space is a kind of reserve providing the afterlife for flora and fauna.

TAMAGOTCHI project analyses media space as a mean of conscious and unconscious ways to manipulate with information about live nature world, and attracts attention to the threats that can change their virtual status for the real one even tomorrow.


Ubik Group

Fedir Balashov

Yaroslav Kolomiychuk

Maksym Nimenko

Larysa Polishchuk-Rusina

Denis Salivanov

David Chichkan

Alina Yakubenko