III Art History Contest

The Ukrainian Revolution of Dignity and an odd war that followed have changed Ukraine, our society and each and everyone of us. The socio-political perturbations are known to influence the development of art, too. The 9/11 terrorist attacks prove that for the US, the 1917 October Revolution – for the Russian Empire and the Second World War – for the whole world. Ukrainian artists and curators have already done several exhibitions in Ukraine and abroad. It is an attempt of a hot pursuit consideration of the problems, relations and socio-cultural phenomena that were unknown before. Such artists and curators need to be joined by art-critics. The latter will interpret new developments, tendencies, artworks, set forth their own theories, conclusions, approaches to consideration. That is why the topic of this year Art History Contest has been chosen as follows: “Art after Socio-Economic Perturbations”.

According to Stella Beniaminova, a founder of the Stedley Art Foundation, “When we are preparing art publications or exhibitions, we often try to track down interesting researches and curatorial texts. Unfortunately, there are not enough specialists who are as good at both writing and analysing as their foreign counterparts. It is thus logical that one has to support the emergence of new competitive art historians, curators, art critics. It is important not just for publishers, but also for museums, galleries and collectors. We are all interested in working in the professional intellectual milieu”.


To introduce new names into contemporary art criticism, to tune communication between young critics and established journals and Internet-resources.

To give a chance to young gifted intellectuals to demonstrate their ability to thinks and analyse independently. It is a chance for those you strive for the most subtle accuracy in translating the visual into the verbal. It is a chance for witty interpreters and bright perfectionists.

Age: under 30

Topic: “Art after Socio-Economic Perturbations”

Task: to provide an essay on the topic up to 10 printed pages long

Terms: the Contest was launched on 25 June. Essays must be emailed to Valentyna Klymenko, a coordinator of the Contest, to artcriticcontest@gmail.com by 20 August 2014.


At the I stage, the experts choose the best works and the leading editors of the art-related media will hold master-classes for the finalists of the Contest in the course of 2 days.

At the II stage, the finalists amend their text pursuant to the received knowledge and advice and resubmit the final variant of their paper by 15 October.

The results of the Contests as well as the award ceremony will be held in mid-November at the National Art Museum of Ukraine.

* All papers will be encoded when submitted to the members of the jury.

Information: All information about the Contest, as well as the Rulers of the III Art History Contest, can be found at http://stedleyart.com, the most up-to-date information can be found on a Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/MistectvoznavcijKonkurs.


Olga Balashova, art critic, art historian, NAFAA lecturer

Oksana Barshynova, art historian, curator, Head of the NAMU Department of the XX-XXI Art

Kateryna Botanova, Director of the Foundation Centre for Contemporary Art, chief editor of online-journal KORYDOR, critic, translator

Borys Gryniov, fellow of the National Academy of Sciences, collector

Valentyna Klymenko, journalist, art historian

Kateryna Stukalova, critic, art historian


I place – art-trip to Italy, publication in ArtUkraine or in on-line journal Korydor

II place – 5000 UAH, publication in ArtUkraine or in on-line journal Korydor

III place – art books for 3000 UAH in total from Rodovid publishing house, publication in ArtUkraine or in on-line journal Korydor

* The organisers of the Contest, partners and members of the jury reserve the right to provide other recognition prizes (subject to the organising committee approval).


Partners of the competition:

Italian Institute of Culture in Ukraine

National Art Museum of Ukraine

Borys & Tetyana Gryniov Fund

Rodovid publishing house

ArtUkraine journal

Korydor, on-line journal on contemporary culture

Ukrainiske Mystetstvo journal


I Art History Contest took place from 1 June 2012 to 5 September 2012 within the “Contemporary Ukrainian Artists” Project (YermilovCentre, Kharkiv). The Embassy of France in Ukraine and Rodovid publishing house were the partners of the Contest. 24 persons participated. I prize – Borys Filonenko, II prize – Oksana Nudna, III prize – Natalia Matsenko.

The topic of the II Art History Contest was “Contemporary vs. Traditional Art”. 28 persons participated. I prize – Kateryna Busol, II prize – Natalia Shostak, III prize – Andriy Bobrykin, Valeriya Lazarenko.


Download the Rules of the Contest (available only in Ukrainian). 


STEDLEY ART FOUNDATION was created in 2011 as a private initiative of a socially responsible business. The Foundation aims to support cultural development of Ukraine, Ukrainian artists and their projects as well as facilitate the intensification of international cultural cooperation. The ideology of the Foundation can be described with the statement that culture should not be considered a luxury, but has to become a right, necessity and acute aesthetic and ethical need of a person.