SYMBOLS AND SIGNS. Natalia Lisova and Alexander Zhyvotkov

«The Border Zone», the annual all-Ukrainian land art symposium that takes place on a picturesque chalk plateau dear Mogrytsia village of Sumy region, has just finished. Stedley Art Foundation invited Natalia Lisova, one of the participants of the symposium, to the White Space. The exhibition is part of Kyiv Art Week. You are welcome to visit the White Space (Kyiv, 62-B Bohdan Khmelnytskyi St.) by a previous appointment +38 067 466 78 00,+38 063 376 53 43

Ganna Gidora

The project of Natalia Lisova was recognised the best one out of all created during the symposium in 2015. The artist defined a dominant geometric form in the chaotic structure of the chalk rock. It seemed that form, like an initial element that created everything, emerged from the heart of the earth.

Land art in general aims for a dialogue between a person and prehistoric environment, the expansion of the aesthetic beyond the «I» territory of an artist, draws attention to ecological problems, develops rethinking of a landscape as a cultural and national treasure.

Land art developed as a field of contemporary art in the 60s of the XX century.

Ukrainian environmental art is the space of co-existence, dominated by the themes of weaving and framing when artists try to underline and define the things that have existed for thousands of years.

The artists see their task as the creation of images with minimum intrusion in the environment, they use predominantly natural materials.

When creating the images in a natural environment and with natural materials, the artists aim to get to know the environment as profoundly as it is possible for a human that is born and dies in it. The essence of land art is that it uses nature itself in all its representations – stone, land, leaves, water, fire – as a creative material…

Apart from the above, land art for Natalia Lisova means a dialogue with nature. Her every project is the certain experience of self-exploration, search and detection of eternal values in the everyday flow of life.

SYMBOLS AND SIGNS is a joint project of Natalia Lisova and Alexander Zhyvotkov. It embodies the communications with the spaces of earth of different authors using the language of art.

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