Master-Classes Timetable

The master-classes for the finalists of the III Art History Contest will take place on 20-21 September in Stedley dental clinic (Kyiv, 25/18 Lva Tolstogo St.).


20 September


Ganna Vasyk, PhD in Philosophy, art historian, acting editor of the ArtUkraine journal.

“Invisible features of a perfect text: between academia and journalism”



Coffee-break. A guided tour around Stedley dental clinic from Stella Beniaminova, the owner of the clinic and founder of the Stedley Art Foundation.



Vira Baldyniuk, PhD in Philology, critic, publishing editor of on-line journal Korydor.

“Love in Times of Cholera, Criticism in Times of War. Traps of “political expediency”


21 September


Iryna Bondarevska, PhD in Philosophy, professor, lecturer at the Kyiv Mogyla Academy and National Academy of Fine Art and Architecture, author of “Paradoxicality of the aesthetical in Ukrainian culture of XVII-XVIII”.

“Aesthetic Opinion and Art Criticism in Early XXI cent.”






Diana Klochko, art historian, publisher, Cultural Project lector, author of a course on Art for Master-Class.

“Principles of Referencing of Post-Modern Critics of Contemporary Art”


See you there!