Results of the first art criticism Contest

The first prize in ART CRITICISM contest by the majority of votes was awarded to work #2 - "Traces of presence. Viewing Pavel Makov works with a bit of assistance from Hans Ulrich Humbreht.” The author of the work Boris Filonenko is a bachelor of Philosophy Faculty of the KarazinKharkivNationalUniversity. He is awarded with the trip to Paris museums, which is kindly provided by the French Embassy in Ukraine.

Second prize and UAH 5,000 from Stedley Art Foundation was awarded to work #20 "Eternal and medieval values of ​​Pavel Makov." The author of the work is Oksana Nudna, a second-year student of the Faculty of Theory and History of Arts of the National Academy of Fine Arts and Architecture.

Third prize was awarded to work # 13 "Oleg Tistol. Behind the front of stereotypes." Natalia Matsenko, a master student of Kharkiv State Academy of Design and Arts majoring in Art Criticism received UAH 3,000 from Stedley Art Foundation.