First Ukrainian land art park Frontier Zone is being created in Miropolie near Sumy. The project was initiated by Anna Gidora, artist and founder of Mogritsa Festival, and Mykola Vitushkin, head of the Kransopolsky district council. The park is a logical continuation of an international festival Mogrytsya (1997-2012) that was held by Gidora near Sumy for sixteen years.

Land art is a contemporary art movement not very known in Ukraine, whereas in Europe and in the US it is one of the most interesting phenomena that aims, inter alia, to pay the attention of humankind to the problems of ecology and preservation of the Earth.

Land art in Ukraine is unpopular with powerful business circles and mass-media for a number of reasons. One of them is that land art seems to be dubious to invest in because its artefacts usually do not last for long as they are created from all materials at one’s disposal easily found nearby (sand, clay, logs, grass, wind, iron, sun, etc.). Land art enjoys state and private funding in civilised countries. In our country, this movement survives only thanks to enthusiasm born by sincere love for land and its inexhaustible resources.

The Stedley Art Foundation became an informational partner of the Frontier Zone project, whose relevance for cultural development of our country is beyond any doubts. Our web-site will be updated with reports from the festival and will introduce principal actors of Ukrainian land art.

Creation of the Frontier Zone land art park. BEGINNING

Artists from different regions of Ukraine have been toiling at creating the first Ukrainian land art park in Myropolie for more than a week already. They are working day and night to create more than twenty objects that will change the infrastructure of the city, attract tourists, and popularise land art in Ukraine where this movement is hardly known to the majority. Even Ukrainian artists working in other fields are themselves sceptical about the activities of land art artists and do not understand their impact on the development of contemporary art.

We would like to present a 16-minutes video that was recorded during the first day of creation of the park and that demonstrates who serious the project is. We believe that this video can change the attitude to the activities of land art artists.

The installation of a foundation stone in honour of founding the park.


Предлагаем вашему вниманию шестнадцатиминутный видео-ролик, записанный в первые дни создания парка, демонстрирующий серьезность события. Ролик, который на наш взгляд способен изменить отношение к творчеству ленд-арт художников.

Монтаж закладного камня в честь основания парка.