«Alexander Dubovik. The Signs» at YermilovCentre

Stedley Art Foundation presents an exhibition by Alexander Dubovik, Ukrainian sixtier, representative of the generation of neo-avant-garde artists.
The project shows different areas of the artist's work: from the first iconic "bouquets" painting created in the 1960s and a series of gouache to unique artbooks in which the artist embodied his boldest ideas. The exhibition will also recreate the atmosphere of the New Apostolic Church in Kyiv, for which the artist designed stained glasses.
Alexander Dubovik is an iconic figure in the history of Ukrainian art. He created a corpus of paintings and graphics, which are now stored in museum collections around the world, as well as set out his views on art in texts, philosophical treatises and poetry.
Dubovik's work is complex and multilevel, each sign created by him has its own history, its own character. The figurative language spoken by the artist reaches its roots in the traditions of icon painting, suprematism, and symbolism. Dubovik operates with the concept of metamorphoses and palimpsests - a layering of many realities and meanings. For him, Matisse's opinion that the significance of the artist is determined by the number of new characters that he introduces into the arsenal of visual language becomes important. So Dubovik creates his own sign systems and operates with concepts that are not yet familiar to us, but have long been understood by him and embodied in numerous paintings.
The project was implemented with the support Private Banking A-club of Alfa-Bank Ukraine.

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