Mitec – an Independent Portal on Art

The Stedley Art Foundation supported the launch of Mitec – an independent platform for art discussions.

Mitec on itself:

Mitec is a platform for free speech and discussion about contemporary art,

an artist, his reality, dreams, daydreams, thoughts, and aspirations are at the very heart of Mitec,

the aim of the site is not to follow all the biggest events of an art world, but to open those crucial aspects of it that are not usually covered by the media.

Mitec invites to a productive dialogue and serious discussions, it invites all those who are ready to share their opinions and believe that profound considerations, crazy ideas, and daring plans can stimulate the development of a national art-scene.

Mitec was born on 31 January 2014 in Kyiv, but the project covers Ukraine and the whole world. The preparation for its launch started already in summer 2013.

The resource is updated on a daily basis and quite often thankfully to the materials kindly provided by its readers.

*Mitec reflects the real life of its heroes – the atmosphere, sounds, material world, speaking manner, and behaviour.



unexpected! – news on the lives of artists, gallerists, art-dealers, and other actors of an art-scene.

quiet harbour– events and problems of contemporary art-market.

vanishing time – about those who created history, is creating it now, as well as about those who take care of cultural property, about collectors and their artefacts.

people made of flesh – those who are around us, who is ready for open and considered discussions. Portraits, interviews, thoughts.

distorters of the milieu – daring experiments, useless ideas, edgy projects, master-classes.

an average bureaucrat–tightrope walking in the offices. an artist and a state, in particular – Kafkaesque functionaries, laws and methods of interaction with them.   

a paradise of answers – every participant of an art-process can answer any question asked by the public (the questions to be sent to the provided email).

a scream that has not been chewed – honest and uncomfortable truth about life and art.

soft clocks – poems, songs, dances, literature, off-the-record life of artists, art-dealers, gallerists, and other actors of an art-world.

bulletin board – advertisements on art and art-related issues.  

for letters – enables one to send questions to artists, gallerists, art-dealers, and other actors of an art-scene; as well as requests, business offers and everything else one would like to discuss or change.


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