STEDLEY ART FOUNDATION together with RODOVID Publishing House and “Contemporary Ukrainian Artists” project managers Igor Abramovych and Tatiana Tumasyan, supported by French Institute in Ukraine announce first ALL-UKRAINIAN ART CRITICISM CONTEST among students (bachelors, masters, postgraduates, etc.) for best article, essay, interview about the artist-participant of the "Contemporary Ukrainian Artists" project.


Contest objectives:

Promote the formation and shaping of full-fledged art context;

Identify talented art critics, support their professional growth;

Increase interest in exhibition "Contemporary Ukrainian Artists' and artists - participants of exhibition;

Contest assignments:  analytical article/interview/essay about the artist or association of artists from among the participants of “Modern Ukrainian Artists" exhibition (10 pages of printed text);

Contest Jury: Oleksiy Ananov (journalist), Oksana Barshynova (curator), Boris Green (collector), Valentina Klimenko (journalist), Olga Petrova (art historian), Maria Khrushchak (art critic)


French Embassy in Ukraine

Art Ukraine Magazine.


1 prize: publication + 4-day museum trip to Paris

2 prize: UAH 5,000

3 prize: UAH 3,000

Organizers, partners or jury may grant incentive awards (in agreement with the Steering Committee).

          The first prize in ART CRITICISM contest by the majority of votes was awarded to work #2 - "Traces of presence. Viewing Pavel Makov works with a bit of assistance from Hans Ulrich Humbreht.” Oksana Barshynova comments: "My absolute favorite is # 2, because: 1) it is interesting to read, good language; 2) good and modern methodology was selected, which allows to discover the meaning of work (art works) - this is what Ukrainian art criticism is seriously lacking; 3) unbound use of  the material and sufficient range of generalizations, 4) Humbreht’s and Sontag’s ideas are also very allied to mines, I think the appeal to direct emotional experience is the most topical trend of our time. " The author of the work Boris Filonenko is a bachelor of Philosophy Faculty of the Karazin Kharkiv National University. He is awarded with the trip to Paris museums, which is kindly provided by the French Embassy in Ukraine. Work №2.

Second prize and UAH 5,000 from Stedley Art Foundation was awarded to work #20 "Eternal and medieval values of ​​Pavel Makov." Mariya Khrushchak’s comment: "A serious attempt to research the mentality of the artist and aesthetics of his works through the ideals of the Middle Ages art.  The article is competently structured into sections and includes precise elements of the portraiture genre (direct speech). Author’s reading of Makov’s graphic works is also courtly supported by philosopher and writer statements of the past century, who influenced the artist’s world-view." The author of the work is Oksana Nudna, a second-year student of the Faculty of Theory and History of Arts of the National Academy of Fine Arts and Architecture.". Work №20.

Third prize was awarded to  work # 13 "Oleg Tistol. Behind the front of stereotypes." Boris Grinev’s comment: "It is a serious and thoughtful text with an independent analysis of works. Organization of material is not by biographical principle, but through analysis of implemented projects. It is a rare example of a good analysis of creative works." Natalia Matsenko, a master student of Kharkiv State Academy of Design and Arts majoring in Art Criticism received UAH 3,000 from Stedley Art Foundation. Work №13.