Exhibition of Mikita Shaleniy- “Loneliness”

Presentation of an art project by Mikita Shaneniy called “Loneliness” happened on the 5th of December at “Biliy Prostir” STEDLEY ART FOUNDATION.

Exhibition contains 5 pieces of art done by Mikita Shaleniy, which are tied into a conceptually coherent series. Moreover, looking at each painting individually, the viewer is reminded of a movie scene, which is located in the heart of a megalopolis so similar to New York. 

Series “Loneliness” is a result of a two-year solitude work of the artist, which resulted in a success measured in viewers’ love and acceptance. In particular, series was nominated for PinchukArtCenter premium of year 2011 and was awarded “Price of Public”.

In addition artist presented a brand new installation called “Upper Water” created out of balloons specially for STEDLY ART foundation, which united “Biliy Prostir”, giving it a fresh look.

Supervisor of the project was Oleksandr Mihed (culturalist, supervisor of Literature program at PinchukArtCenter).