Master-classes for the Finalists of the II Art History Contest for Art Critics

The second stage of the II Art History Contest for young art critics started last weekend, 21-22 September.

The master-classes for 10 finalists took place in a conference hall of Stedley dental clinic. In the course of the master-classes the lectors explained in the most professional and inspirational manner how to work with a form and content of a text – the principal tool of an art critic. Also, the lectors provided priceless advice based on their impressive experience of editing and publishing in art-related fields.

A Saturday master-class was conducted on 21 September by Diana Klochko, an art historian with the publishing experience of many years (Vocabularies, Syntaxes and Common Sense as the Cornerstones of Art History) and Kateryna Botanova, chief editor of online-journal on contemporary culture Korydor, Director of the Foundation Centre for Contemporary Art (Ten Commandments of a Culture Critic from Korydor).

On Sunday, 22 September, the finalists met Kostiantyn Dodin, editor (An Editor and His Functions at All Stages of Editing) and Kateryna Stukalova, art historian and independent art critic (An Addressee and Responsibility: Some Aspects of Contemporary Criticism). Olga Balashova, critic, NAFAA lecturer, member of the jury of the II Art History Competition, was also a valuable participant of the master-classes.

At the present stage the participants amend or rewrite their papers, paying due regard to the received knowledge. They are to submit the final variants of their essays by 15 Octover.

The results of the Contests as well as the award ceremony will be held in mid-November at the National Art Museum of Ukraine.

The finalist of the II Art History Contest: Bobrykin Andriy, Bogachuk Dmytro, Busol Kateryna, Goriuchkin Ruslan, Ivanuha Maksym, Lazarenko Valeria, Chepelev Oleksandr, Shelkovina Alina, Shostak Natalia, Yankoviy Vitalii.

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