Finalists of the III Art History Contest

The coordinator of the Contest has announced the names of 10 finalists of the III Art History Contest today. They are as follows:

  1. Valeriya Lazarenko
  2. Iryna Kostyshyna
  3. Kateryna Nosko
  4. Mariya Vtorushyna
  5. Mariya Yasynska
  6. Sevindzh Idrisova
  7. Vitaliy Yankovyy
  8. Nelya Golovina
  9. Anastasiya Osypenko
  10. Lina Romanuha

Our best greetings to the finalists! By the way, two of them were also finalists of the II Art History Contest last year (Valeriya Lazarenko and Vitlaiy Yankovyy).

At the next stage, the finalists will attend a two-day master-class with the leading editors of best art and culture media of Ukraine. The dates when the master-classes will take place and further details will be announced soon on the web-site of the Stedley Art Foundation and on the official Facebook page of the Contest. The finalists will receive the details via email.