“Laws of Nature” is a concluding exhibition resulting from eco-plein air by the Ubik group that took place in September in Koktebel (Crimea), with the display of photo- and video documentation of plein air objects created in Koktebel and in Kyiv, as well as a documentary revealing the main thesis of the project.

Initiated by the Stedley Art Foundation, artists who use contemporary media technology in their work decided to work outdoors and dive into a unique environment of the mountain-steppe Crimea. For 10 days artists contemplated the environment, problems of its understanding by contemporary people and possible ways to solve them.

Resulting from this multidisciplinary interaction is the art project. This project is not just dedicated to ecology itself, but to the necessity to overcome deep stereotypes regarding the division of nature (natural environment) and culture (artificially created environment).

It is not a secret that the Crimea today (as are many other regions of Ukraine) has become an ecological disaster zone as a result of destructive, sometimes unconscious, and sometimes fully-conscious, acts of contemporary natural resources consumers, mostly living in the cities, living their whole life far from the natural landscape.

In contemporary man’s mind the consumer attitude toward environment is dominant. Natural goods are increasingly displaced by technological goods: different digital devices, gadgets, programs, applications aimed to make our life more comfortable and easier.

The main mistake of humans today is an opposition of two living spaces: technogenic and natural. Thoughts about their harmonious co-existence were fundamental in Ubik.’s critical expression.

The natural environment is seen mostly as a place of temporary sojourn and the object of consumption, which raises the criticism of the more conscious part of society. As a result – adequate reaction, technophobia and a call to return to nature’s bosom. Ecologists now display the unjustified radicalism of both ways, calling on conscious consumerism and a holistic perception of the environment around them.

These are precisely the positions defended by artists of the Ubik. Group, represented with objects shown at the exhibition – natural materials reproduced in technogenic form.

ubik. Group:

Alina Yakubenko, Denis Salivanov, Yaroslav Kolomiychuk, Viktor Kharkevych, Trophymenko

Artistic Team of the Project:

Photographer: Natalya Volkova

Documentary director: Anna Aleksandrovych

Cameraman: Mykhailo Lyubarsky

Invited ecologists:

Andriy Hurtba, fellow of National Natural Park “Holosiivsky”, Inna Datsuk, leading specialist of eco-club “Green Wave”

Curators of the project:

Olga Balashova, Liza German