The Roads (2014-2015)

White Space of Stedley Art Foundation presents The Roads (2014-2015) – a new Alexander Zhyvotkov exhibition. The Walking Man by Alberto Giacometti is also part of the exposition.

Stedley Art Foundation is true to its traditions: everything is very intimate and individual – one has to negotiate the date and time to attend the exhibition in advance. One should only come to see Zhyvotkov when conscientious and focused. A viewer should be ready for toil, for the toil of perceiving those first-born essences that, through the artist, find their way to humans.

“… The more I do this… Do what? Deal with the material? With the technique? With the wholeness of work probably. I don’t know… The less I understand what I actually do. They – the eyes, the wood, a hand, an instrument – have started living by themselves. And there is no need to make something up…”

“… The introduction of a sculpture by Giacometti into the exposition is neither a dialogue with Giacometti, nor a bow, nor ingratiation. It is just a part of the exposition. I like him very much. He is dear to me, I understand him and cannot look at him from above – he is just nearby”.

Photographs of the exposition, text: Kostiantyn Donin

Photographs of artworks: Victor Khomenko

The exhibition may be attended subject to a prerecord via +38 067 466 78 00, +38 095 197 15 60



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