The Countdown to the Release of The Art of the Ukrainian Sixtiers

Osnovy Publishing with the support of the Stedley Art Foundation presents the book The Art of the Ukrainian Sixtiers dedicated to the most striking period of Ukrainian unofficial art of the Soviet era

The compilers of the books are young but already established art historians Olga Balashova and Lizaveta German. The work on the books lasted for two years, more than 70 experts – art historians, academics, collectors, artists, their relatives and acquaintances – contributed to the book. The book will have 15 chapters about the most important artists of the 1960s, the review of the tendencies of that period and analysis of their historic background, as well as prints of more than 300 paintings, drawings, sculpture and monumental art, many of which will be published for the first time. The presentation will take place at the Arsenal Book Festival (22-26 April 2015).

Stella Beniaminova, Stedley Art Foundation, founder

"There are still many lacunae in our knowledge of history, we acutely lack true account of the past. There is a lack of information about almost every aspect of the XX century: it was distorted and closed from us. It was convenient for many employees of a cultural field to conceal a true state of affairs. And the free-thinking intelligentsia that could provide a true account of that time did not have a chance to speak up."

The book presents many unique facts and materials that were inaccessible to the wide public for many years. The compilers are sure: the art of Ukrainian non-conformists of the 1960s is worth occupying a proper place in the world cultural process.

Olga Balashova:

"There are thousands of books about the culture of the Sixtiers in the world. However, The Art of the Ukrainian Sixtiers is the first such edition in Ukraine. In our book, we tried to represent not just various regions – Kyiv, Kharkiv, Odesa, Lviv and Uzhgorod, – but also different fields of culture – visual art, literature, music, cinema and architecture."

The Art of the Ukrainian Sixtiers has been created by a whole team of authors from various generations. It will be interesting for both the experts in the field of these tempestuous years and those who are just starting exploring Ukrainian unofficial art of an “iron curtain” period.

Lizaveta German:

"We did not try to fix the one and only image of the sixties in this book. On the contrary, we aimed to present this period, which is very important for our history, the way it was shown in artworks and memories of their authors – bright, complicated, ambiguous, full of despair and hope."