White nights

'White Nights' is a special project of the Ukrainian Collectors’ Club that was conceived at a collectors’ meeting with Sotheby's regional rep office as a precedent of a new Ukrainian elite communication style.  The project took off on July 27th, 2013, in Kyiv.  

'White Nights' is an informal secular pastime, when Club members open the doors of their homes to their colleagues for them to familiarize with the collections, exchange information, tackle pressing issues of Ukrainian art.  

Secular meetings hold an inherent high aristocratic communication style that reminds of the atmosphere of European salons and clubs of XVII-XVIII centuries – those alliances that became an important part of the 'public sphere' and influenced the socio-political and cultural face of the civilized Europe.  

'White Nights'is an example of a new budding social institute as a different social mingling culture, with a site for pleasant conversation, discussion, intellectual confabulation, listening to live music and poetry. This is a new communication standard standing very good chances to play an important role in the formation of civil thought and taste of the Ukrainian public.

'White Nights' is the clarity of transparent expanse, a clear time being filled by fellowship colors of notions and hopes, creating a new palette of collective mind that would form the public sphere and influence the history of the national art process. 

The first people to open up their doors to the Club were Stella Benyaminova and the married couple – Sergey and Yevgenniya Shudra.


To look through the photos of The first White night click here.