STEDLEY ART FOUNDATION in the framework of ART-KYIV CONTEMPORARY 2011 presents special project of a famous Ukrainian artist Oleksandr Zhyvotkov “Eleven years. Fifteen days”.

It really took the artist eleven years to fulfil this project, working non-stop, living, mixing, crystallizing life in all of its joyful and sad, dramatic display. And then discovering both spiritual and real light out of it present in each work of the project.

Dmytro Korsun about the project:

Basis of Zhyvotkov’s painting is a strange desire to exit, breakthrough behind usual horizon, borders that shape classical discipline of painting.

It seams that cuts and cracks, disappearance lines, thick layers of paint, white bandages that are seen through, rough black roofing felt are impossible to be named “tender” which actually makes them a piece of art.

Layered or placed near, rare or relief layers, colours create dynamic harmony which is called spiritual space.

Strange that this conventional space mandatory includes a body, a sign or a fragment. Maybe it is the same main goal of ancient “plot of the world”, – perturbing corpus mundi of Medieval theologian – as expression and component of its meaning. This draws some figure or girl’s face, disk, fish, catacomb symbols of the first Christians.

Any sign here in Zhyvotkov’s paintings is a crossroad and a sum of other signs. Other signs are present in it on different levels.

Oleksandr Zhyvotkov calls works from these series “Eleven years of life”. This time segment from 2000 marked by a personal tragic loss. These years of life for the artist are years of work, thoughts, further development of his worldview. These are years of creating new painting.