Album «Oleksandr Zhyvotkov. Canvas, wood, cardboard. Work with materials. 1984–2014»

An album ‘Oleksandr Zhyvotkov. Canvas, wood, cardboard. Work with materials. 1984–2014’ was presented in the White Space of the Stedley Art Foundation on 19 April 2014. 

The presentation, during which the guests received a catalogue signed by the artists, concluded the vernisage.

The publication contains the fullest collection of works by Oleksandr Zhyvotkov as of December 2013 in chronological order, as well as selected texts by famous art historians, journalists and fellow painters.


Evgeniya Shudra became an editor and compiler of the publication, Kostiantyn Donin was an editor and A. Blond was responsible for prepress.

Stedley Art Foundation is grateful to Olesia Ovramenko, Mykhailo Andreev, Mariia Bykova, Victoria Veres, Oleksandr Dubovyk, Dmytro Korsun, Olga Petrova, Yana Revina, Ievgen Semenov, Oleg Sydor-Gybelinda, Tiberiy Sylvashi, Zina Pidalkina, Inna Fedotova, Victor Khomenko, Sergiy Shvedenko for the assistance with preparation of the album.

We are grateful to Stella Beniaminova, Mykhailo and Oksana Kavytsky, Oleg Krasnoselsky, Sergiy and Ievgeniia Shudra for the assistance with publication of the album.

Special gratitude for cooperation goes to Kostiantyn and Rymma Kozhemiaka, as well as to the whole team of a family publishing house huss.


Full version of the catalogue can be accessed via the link (currently only Ukrainian version is available).

Kyiv, 2014., Family publishing house huss., - 288 p.

Printed: 1000 copies

Size: 64х52/8.

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